Machine Pitch Division

Machine Pitch

  • Recommended for 7 and 8 year olds.
  • Using a pitching machine, it results in more action at the plate and in the field, while avoiding the fear of being hit by a pitched ball. Games move quickly and players learn the fundamentals of coordinated defense.
  • Recommended for players that have played at least 1 year in AA Coach Pitch. Please contact commissioner for exceptions.
  • Those players that are in 2nd grade (typically 8 year olds) are encouraged to play 8U kid pitch division if they have an average or better skill-set.
  • Games are played once weekly on Saturdays in this division. There are no playoffs in AAA Machine Pitch.

Chad Sewell

Rookie AAA Machine Pitch Commissioner

The information below includes the team listing and upcoming schedule of our Machine Pitch Division.   Any questions regarding your specific team please contact your coach. If a division or league related question, please contact our Machine Pitch commissioner listed on this page.

The calendar below lists current and future events only.   For a full schedule of events, please visit your team's page.