Summer Tryout Registration

Thank you for your interest in the Summer All Stars Program. Tryout registration is closed at this time. Please check back for next year's summer program.

We plan to extend invites to players that made their respective age group teams no later than the end of the regular season 4/20.

All Stars Age Chart / Dimensions for 2024


  • The player must have played in the Spring season of the same calendar year of the tournament.

General Information

  • Attending one tryout is necessary for your player to have a chance of selection. If a player attends both tryouts, the league will use the highest scores in the selection process.
  • During the tryouts, SCR Board members and other volunteers score players based on their participation in the drills.
  • SCR Board members review and finalize roster creations before announcing the final team.
  • The SCR All Star Coordinator announce Team Managers and Coaches at the time rosters are finalized.
  • Fielding multiple teams for an age level may be considered if we have enough players.

Please talk with your child about the possibility of not making a team. There should be no expectation of staying with your regular season coach or even players on your team.

It is also important to understand that during the season, coaches are required to play all players in the field. During the tournament, there may be circumstances or instances when your child will not play. This is the coach’s prerogative and decision.


Sequence is not necessarily in order below

  • Fly Balls (either hit or machine thrown) -- fielding and throwing evaluated
  • Infield Ground Balls - fielding and throwing evaluated
  • Hitting
  • Depending on the division, time and number of registrations, catching and pitching may be evaluated

Multiple hit balls / pitches will be provided at each drill.

Approximately 1-2 weeks after the final tryouts, emails will be sent to participants selected. Please do review the time commitment requirements listed on the Summer Tournament page.