Majors 10U Division

Majors 10U

  • Typical Grade Level: 3rd and 4th grade. The Majors 10U division is for the players looking for Majors rules at an earlier age (full baseball rules).
  • Considered a more competitive division mostly for teams who have been together for a while.
  • No infield fair play rule and no restrictions on base running that minors division has.
  • If you tryout for this level and do not get drafted by a team you will automatically be put into the Minors division draft and placed on a team.
  • Games are played 2 times per week in this division, once on a weeknight, and the other on Saturday.
  • Wins and Losses are recorded in this division, and teams will participate in a tournament at the conclusion of the regular season. Tournaments are double elimination in the spring, single elimination in the fall.
  • Umpires are provided for this division.

Erik Braun

Majors 10u Commissioner

The information below includes the team listing and upcoming schedule of our Majors 10U Division.   Any questions regarding your specific team please contact your coach. If a division or league related question, please contact our Majors 10U commissioner listed on this page.

The calendar below lists current and future events only.   For a full schedule of events, please visit your team's page.