Rain Out Information

Both Cities and Districts that we work with are in communication with the league in most cases, and the league will send notifications as soon as we are made aware of field closures.

Some of these messages may be later in the day depending on the weather so please be sure to have a good communication approach to reach parents quickly (group text message, gamgechanger/teamsnap chat groups, other).

There are times, when we need to rely on on our own scouting and our manager's good judgement/sense. It is crucial that we help ensure that we don't cause any issues with fields as part of our partnership with the municipal departments and districts.

If you are the first team to a field and believe unplayable, please contact the league so we may communicate to later teams.

League Requirements:

  • If its raining, please do not use the pitching machines - water and electrical equipment is not a good equation.
  • If there is standing water on a field, do not play on it.
  • If you step on a field and your foot sinks in, do not play on it. There may be instances where you can still leverage the grass areas in the outfield.

If you happen to already be on a field, a few strong suggestions:

  • Visible Lightning around your field may occur given the isolated nature of our weather and should be a signal to consider wrapping up practice/games.
  • If you hear thunder, practice or games should be stopped immediately.

Plan ahead where possible -- our league sponsor D-BAT makes a great practice alternative on known rain days.

“You know you’re an Arizona native when a rainy day puts you in a good mood.”- Marshall Trimble 

City of Scottsdale

The City of Scottsdale maintains a website that is updated throughout the day of bad weather.


  • Aztec Park
  • Cheyenne Traditional School
  • Desert Canyon Elementary School (DCES)
  • Desert Canyon Middle School (DCMS)
  • Grayhawk Park
  • Sonoran Hills Park
  • Thompson Peak Park

City of Phoenix

The City of Phoenix will be in contact with the league to notify us of field closures.

  • Desert Horizon Park
  • Paradise Valley Park
  • Reach 11 Athletic Fields
  • Roadrunner Park

Paradise Valley School District

The league will be in contact with the districts and will notify coaches of any closures.

  • Curt Schilling (APS field)
  • Shea Middle School